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M.M.S. Electric was founded in 1970 and specializes in importing, manufacturing, developing & marketing electrical supplies. The company pride itself with providing high quality level of products and service. Additionally, M.M.S. Electric is the exclusive representative in Israel of the leading companies in the industry such as ELMEX, ECONIX, TONGUN , GALA and many others.
Over the last ten years M.M.S. Electric has established a strong reputation in the Israeli electrical market for high quality product and tailor made solutions. Quality, flexibility, customized solutions, and last but not least price leadership is M.M.S. Electric key differentiator in its market.
Products: M.M.S. Electric covers wide range of products, its portfolio comprises primarily from:

  • Street lights products including lighting pole terminals and lighting pole trays;
  • Electrical panels products including terminals and numerous accessories;
  • Grounding products including earth-rods, neutral links, etc.;
  • Shrinkable tubing, shrinkable joints for cable extension and repair, epoxy cast joint.
  • NEW !!! Terminals – multiple entries, modularity, color range – new perception.

Customers: M.M.S. Electric customer portfolio encompasses wide range of customers from various fields of the industry such as: electrical wholesalers, panels' manufacturers, industrial companies, street lighting, local authorities, infrastructure and electricity contractors, engineers, electricians and private customers.
Mission & Vision: We believe in finding original and best solutions to meet best our customer requirements at a competitive price. M.M.S. Electric is committed itself and perceived in its market as: High quality producer with quality products, high level of service, flexibility, customized solutions, and cost/price leadership.
M.M.S. Electric aspirations are:

  • Increasing overall profitability;
  • Securing growth of at least 15% per year ;
  • Further develop its competitive position;
  • Continuing to increase market share;

יבוא, ייצור, פיתוח ושיווק חומרי חשמל

Importing, manufacturing, developing
& Marketing of electric supplies


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